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Chen Tianzhuo’s Picnic

Stoned astronauts, neon lights and religious iconography combine in this artist’s striking works, on display now in Shanghai

by Alessandro De Toni in Culture on 27 August 2014


An indolent psychonaut walks onto a stage in a brightly colored outfit and loads his bong with the ritual gestures of a tea master. He puts on a helmet—complete with a weed leaf-shaped halo—and as the bowl burns, a cloud of thick smoke fills the headgear. He sits between two flags, between two philosophical mantras: the Latin motto, “Ordo ab chao” (meaning order from chaos) and the more subversive, “Jerk off in peace.”

This is just the introduction to artist Chen Tianzhuo’s performance piece called “PicNic,” one of the incredible works showcased at his latest solo show at Shanghai’s BANK Gallery. At the venue, the artist shocks viewers with a range of bold and sometimes confrontational sights—a recent performance saw a dancer crawling on the floor while wearing a butt plug shaped like a pink ponytail.


Born in Beijing in 1985 and trained at London’s Central Saint Martins, Chen is one the most promising young artists in China. His art is a unique blend that combines elements of pop culture, religious symbolism, sacred rituals and self-deprecation. Chen’s repertoire is an encyclopedia of global subculture—everything from pot, drag queens, Eric Cartman, hip-hop culture, voguing, butoh (a Japanese avant-guard form of dance from the ’60s) and a lot more is tapped in his striking artworks. “Art transcends borders, we can’t talk about Chinese art and foreign art. As a young artist, I choose my palette from a globalized world—elements from everyday life I share with artists of my age all around the world,” Chen tells CH.


I don’t like to take it too seriously. My goal is rather to stimulate the audience—bring them in a world of colors and emotions.

Aside from flashy images and bright lights, religion is an integral part of Chen’s creations. In all his works there’s an extensive use of symbols from the holy cross to Buddhist swastikas and elements from freemasonry. His performances are often choreographed as a religious ceremony, almost an initiation into a kind of ecstatic cult. “Since I can recall, I’ve always been interested in religion and art. Both have to deal with life and death, art connects to the very essence of life as well as religion does. At the same time, I don’t want to express any deep philosophical thought in my work, I don’t like to take it too seriously. My goal is rather to stimulate the audience—bring them in a world of colors and emotions—that’s also one of the reasons why I’m more and more interested in live performances instead of installations,” Chen says.


"PicNic," along with other works including "Paradise Bitch" (a piece which features two little people in golden chains rapping on the notes of Cantonese rapper KidGod) are destined to influence Chen’s next big accomplishment: an opera whose topic still remains a secret.

Chen’s work are currently on show at Shanghai’s BANK Gallery (Second Floor, 59, Xianggang Lu, near Huqiu Lu, Huangpu district) until 31 August 2014, with a few selected pieces also displayed atDestination—one of Beijing’s hotspots for queer culture. Among his side projects is a collaboration with fashion designer SANKUANZ, for whom Chen designed the graphic patterns of the last two collections.

Images courtesy of Chen Tianzhuo

Immortal Technique Explains Differences Between Nick Minaj & Iggy Azalea

Immortal Technique says he “can’t see Iggy Azalea overtaking Nicki Minaj,” would choose Nicki in a battle.

According to Harlem, New York rapper Immortal TechniqueIggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj shouldn’t be pitted against one another because they aren’t “competing for the same exact spot.” He also added that both artists are in their own lane with different fanbases.

Technique did reveal that if Iggy and Nicki were to ever battle he would choose Nicki as the victor. After commenting on a hypothetical battle between the two, he then spoke on what he feels is the biggest problem people have with Iggy Azalea.

According to Tech, a great deal of the criticism aimed at Iggy comes from people who say she doesn’t rap like she talks.

“I think that in this scenario I can’t see Iggy Azalea overtaking Nicki Minaj,” Immortal Technique said during an interview with Vlad TV. “I mean, I could see her having success in her own lane. But I don’t even think they should be competing over that. Not that I listen to a lot of their music, but I’ve heard a couple of songs from each and they’re different artists. It’s not like they’re competing for the same exact spot. They have a different fanbase. I think it just—It’s silly to think that a person should be worried about someone else simply coming for their spot unless we’re talking about someone actually confronting them for stealing material…It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a female battle. Maybe that’s what Hip Hop needs…If they battled I would choose Nicki Minaj to be the winner. I’ve heard people criticize her [Iggy Azalea] because they say she don’t rap like she talks. But who raps like they talk? Very few people…I would say that the people who don’t like Iggy Azalea’s biggest criticisms over her are that she talks regular like an Australian person and then almost sounds like a caricature of a black person when she’s rapping.”

Prior to speaking on Nicki Minaj versus Iggy Azalea, Technique offered his thoughts on Nicki’s newly-released “Anaconda” music video. He stated that “sex sells” and shared his belief that there’s a lack of diversity when it concerns what women “do in the mainstream.”

“Obviously, we know sex sells…I can’t say something bad about somebody I really don’t know,” he said. “I would just say that in terms of women that are emcees I think that we suffer from a lack of diversity in what they do in the mainstream. The same way we suffer from a lack of diversity from what we hear from the fellas as well…That’s not something we can just blame the women for. That’s bullshit. Whenever I hear people ‘Oh, well these girls they just rap about fuckin.’ Well, I can say the same thing about people that rap about trapping. You know what I mean? What’s the point? ‘Okay, cool. I know you hustled that, but guess what, my nigga? I’m not really that proud of you because drugs sell themselves.’”

Immortal Technique’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE! -Teaser- from Nausea on Vimeo.

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is a Tropical Bass duo from Lima-Peru. Behind the masks are Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, two producers, dj’s and graphic designers. For their live performances they team up with Nadia Escalante (A.K.A. Vj Sixta) for a full Audiovisual Show.

Ne wEp out March 17 on Enchufada records

Realizado por : NAVSEA



Vector Festival 2014 - "Desire" from Cameron Schiller on Vimeo.

Vector Festival 2014 - “Desire”

from Cameron Schiller PLUS 1 day ago / via Dropbox NOT YET RATED

- An epic 6-day skydiving adventure with UPT Vector at Skydive Empuriabrava.

Special thanks:

Mikey Carpenter, Ippo, Derek Cox, Micah Couch, Domi Kiger, Anna Moxnes, Sharon Har-noy, Kristian Moxnes, Pete Allum, BaByLoN, Team4Speed, Jhonathan Florez, Zun, Phillip Vallaud. Fabian Raidel, Ivan Quadrio, Rosi Sigmon, Pixie MacLeod-hogdson, Alistair Hogdson, Irma Romanazzi, Tonfly Antonio De Marchi, Timi De Marchi, Rafael Schwaiger, Paul Bateman… and more!



July 8th-13th, 2014


Empuriabrava, Spain

By Agnes Rivera

The renowned institute encouraged young Peruvian ´techies´ and their projects

Students and alumni of the respected Masachusetts Institute of Technoloy (MIT) may not have the reputation of ´party animal´, but they know a good application when they see one.

Arequipa was lucky enough to be chosen as the location for MIT´s 2014 Global Startup Labs program, an initiative to promote and help develop entrepreneurship in emerging regions. For six weeks, San Pablo Catholic University hosted the Movistar-sponsored event, marking the first time the program had landed in Peru.
Beating out the tough competition was an entertainment app, ´Where´s the Party´.

The application, according to El Comercio, “allows users to join a calendar of events and parties, with a membership benefit”. Application users receive updates and recommendations for upcoming social events depending on profile information. Subscription payers who frequently attend parties and events are then rewarded with offers and discounts and other forms of “preferential treatment”.

A standout for not only being interesting but marketable towards a specific niche, ´Where´s the Party´ stole the spotlight from eight competitors. As Giancarlo Falconi, Wayra Peru´s business manager and member of the program´s panel of judges explains, all nine of the chosen groups had to prove marketability profitability and potential for working in foreign countries.

Wayra Peru was able to provide the winning group with an 8-month acceleration program. This entails “advice and mentoring from experts in order to improve their proposal”.

Despite spending weeks in a competitive environment, blog writer Natasha Consul, of MIT´s startup program, notes that demonstrations of being “passionate, dedicated, and supportive of each other” were abound in 2014´s edition.


The Big Apple, Bushwick, Brooklyn

atomik #atomik rep Miami in NYC  :)


Post No Selfies, Lower East Side, NYC



are we really fucking real right now

Yes, BUT: Let’s please not pretend that he shouldn’t have lost his job immediately. He should also be sued and serve time for assault. JUST LIKE THE COP WHO KILLED MICHAEL BROWN SHOULD LOSE HIS JOB AND THEN SERVE TIME. Both are wrong.

COMME des GARCONS’ hugely respected multi-brand store, Dover Street Market London is fast approaching its 10th anniversary next month. For the past week, public signs have been posted outside the building excusing the construction work currently underway. From Friday, August 29, the store will close for three days as it undergoes their seasonal refresh of its interiors. As this is a major landmark in the company’s history, expect significant changes; not least the NikeLab that is scheduled for the basement. However, being this is COMME des GARCONS, you can be sure this celebration will not merely be a retrospective look back. Rather, they are projecting themselves in to the next decade starting with a raft of unique products. These all fall under the general campaign banner of “DSM – The Next 10 Years.”

First up is their “Checkerboard” series involving collaborations with key sports and leisure brands. Included among the offerings are a New Era cap, two shoe styles by Vans, an Eastpak backpack, a classic Harrington jacket by Fred Perry, and fleece hoodies by Sunspel. All feature a monochrome check pattern incorporating the familiar DSM logo that is implemented in different ways. Vans has printed it over the entire shoe, while British label Sunspel has opted for a subtle effect, placing the pattern on the interior of the hood. New Era has followed a similar approach, with the print on the underside of the cap’s peak. Fred Perry, meanwhile, has lined their jacket with the print and Eastpak highlights it on the outer pouch of their bag. All products are limited to just one drop and will be available at DSM London, Ginza and New York (after Labor Day), as well as the respective DSM e-stores.

Check back throughout this week as we feature a daily preview of more of these special product lines in the lead-up to the grand reopening on Monday, September 1.

Styling: Atip W

In the wee hours of the morning on March 2, 22-year-old Victor White III was shot while in the custody of Louisiana’s New Iberia Sheriff’s department and was pronounced dead later that day at a local hospital. The case has been of particular interest to me for the past few months because of who the law enforcement officials fingered as the triggerman. They alleged that White III shot himself—in the backseat of a police car, while his hands were cuffed behind his back, with a gun that mysteriously appeared after they had searched and arrested him. 

According to initial information offered by Trooper Stephen Hammons to the press back in March, Victor III was stopped under the suspicion that he was involved in a fight at a convenience store near his home. Hammons claimed the unnamed deputy involved searched White III, found unidentified narcotics on his person, and arrested him. When they arrived at Iberia Parish Sherrif’s Office, they said Victor III refused to exit the cruiser and became “uncooperative.” That’s when he allegedly “produced” a handgun and fired off one round into his back, killing himself.

Other than those basic details, it’s been radio silence for months in terms of official information from the local authorities, who’ve cited an ongoing investigation into the shooting by the state police as their reason for not sharing any more details or answering any questions about Victor White III. I know—I’ve reached out to everyone from the local to state police, not to mention political officials like New Iberia’s Mayor Hilda Curry, only to fall on deaf ears or get the line about an on-going investigation.

However, late last week some new information eked out via the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office. Victor III’s autopsy was performed the day he died by local forensic pathologist Christopher Tape, who has yet to return my calls for comment. The report itself offers fresh insight into what happened that night, while fueling the only natural suspicion that we still don’t know the full story of this incredible backseat shooting.

First off, the cause of death according to the report was a suicide, which is drastically different from the seemingly accidental shooting initially described by police officials. According to Victor III’s family, he had no history of mental illness or depression. And even if he did, the back seat of a cop car at one in the morning is a strange place to decide to snuff it. 

Despite initial statements made by authorities that said Victor III was shot in the back, the report describes no back wounds at all. Instead, his cause of death is described as a gunshot to his right chest that perforated his left lung and heart, exited through his left armpit, and lacerated his upper arm. It was reported in initial local accounts of the shooting that Victor III was handcuffed behind his back. So in order for him to have shot himself in the chest, he would have had to pull himself through his cuffed arms in the backseat of that cop car—and of course, have a gun in the first place.

The report also lists two abrasions on Victor III’s upper left face and around his eye, which seems to be in line with what White’s father, Victor White Sr., told me a couple weeks after his son’s death: “I know they beat him before he arrived at the station,” he said, “because those who were with him before he was arrested said he didn’t have a mark on him.”

I spoke again with Victor Sr. after he’d spent some time looking at the report. The man was in a state of bewilderment and exhaustion, because after more than six months, he still has no idea what happened to his son and the explanations just don’t add up.

Authorities have kept Victor Sr. in the dark since the very beginning. He was never alerted by officials that his son had been arrested and died in police custody in the first place. Instead, he found out from his son Leonard, who had been questioned in connection with Victor III’s death. When Victor Sr. went to New Iberia, at first the police refused to even let him see his son’s body. Then, when they allowed him see his son, it was only from the neck up. The police wouldn’t even reveal to him how they thought that his son died. He ended up finding out that the police were claiming his son shot himself in the back by way of a public Facebook post published by the department.

Now, he’s got the skeleton of an autopsy report that begs more questions than it provides answers. Did Victor III actually have gun residue on his hands? What kind of gun fired the shot and what kind of bullet was used? Based upon what new information did this shooting suddenly become a confirmed suicide? And how do the police reconcile this report with their initial account? All of these are ringing in his head with all the old, unanswered questions, like who were the officers involved? Is there a weapon or a bullet? And, maybe most important, was this incident caught on videotape? 

So much has happened across this country since I first reported on Victor White III’s shooting in March: An unarmed, asthmatic father named Eric Garner was strangled to death by the NYPD in Staten Island. An unarmed teenager named Michael Brown was shot six times—once in the head—and killed by his local police in Ferguson, Missouri. And an unarmed, mentally ill 25-year-old named Ezell Ford was shot three times in the back and killed by two LAPD officers.

Righteous anger and frustration at these all too familiar occurrences have lead to protests and demonstrations across the country. However, little national attention has been paid to the curious case of Victor White III. The lack of credible information as to what actually went down surely has something to do with it. And as time goes on, there is the very real possibility that his death will drop out of the news cycle. However, headlines and protest wouldn’t provide much solace to Victor White Sr., who’s had to live the last few months in purgatory wondering what in the world happened to his boy. 

UPDATE: We posted this link in our first story about Victor White III, but we wanted to remind readers again that the White family has created a campaign to raise funds for an independent autopsy and crime-scene tests. If you want to help them get answers, please donate. 

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Influenced by men’s skatewear, this young British brand makes attire for women on the go

by CH Contributor in Style on 26 August 2014

by Tara Fraser


Channeling a combination of classic skatewear and stylish women’s attire, Man Up Girl is shaking up the UK’s south coast with their bold, hand-printed garb—or in their words, “sports casuals.” The young brand releases its second collection dubbed “Tough Luck” today, and it promises to be practical and functional—without sacrificing aesthetics.

man-up-girl-toughluck4.jpg man-up-girl-toughluck5.jpg

While studying fashion design at Kingston University in 2011, co-founder Jess Piper (also a brand ambassador for O’Neill) recognized a gap in the market for women who skate—inspiring her to create Man Up Girl with her business partner, Jess Perks, and the support of their Southcoast Collective. Influenced by the evolution of men’s skate wear, Piper’s aim was to combine traditional, functional shapes with feminine detailing, all the while adding a creative twist. Her emphasis was—perhaps surprisingly—on pockets. Piper tells CH with a laugh, “The biggest issue in women’s wear is that we apparently don’t need to carry anything.” The upshot is a range of attire for women who aren’t necessarily skaters, but who are active and embrace the outdoors.


The Man Up Team firmly believes in staying local and keeping all production UK-based: “We design everything in-house, print and embroider T-shirts and sweatshirts in-house, then we work closely with our factories in London to produce prototypes—which we tweak and re-tweak and finally send to production—the long way around, basically.” But it’s this local production that gives Piper and Perks the ability to remain hands-on throughout the entire process, meaning each piece is truly theirs, “We want to keep it independent and young. Each piece is extremely personal.”

man-up-girl-toughluck2.jpg man-up-girl-toughluck3.jpg

Of the latest collection, Piper says, “The whole collection is centered around the idea of tough luck—taking what you were dealt and making the most of it. I really wanted to start with inspirations/scenarios I don’t like and change them into something a little more bearable—more of a challenge I guess. It’s so easy to start with things you love and have it done with. One of our new T-shirts is based around the idea of never having enough space or time—one of my top all-time dislikes. It was a weird thing to design really, going against most of your instincts and surprisingly the outcome has been my favorite collection yet.”

Man Up Girl’s products—including functional outerwear, playfully printed T-shirts, retro-inspired sweatsuits and more—are available online.

Images courtesy of Man Up Girl

Tal dia como hoy en el año 1971 sucedió esta increíble presentación por la Fania All Stars en el club Cheetah de la ciudad de Nueva York! Que viva nuestra cosa latina 

Skate Crate: The Anti Scooter - American classic re-imagined

by Dave Bergthold

Roll down the sidewalk like you own the town with the retro inspired Skate Crate. Modern design meets the roots of skateboarding.


Hi I’m Dave Bergthold, I’ve been skateboarding for 40 years and been involved in the skateboard industry off and on since starting Blockhead Skateboards in 1985 in my parents garage. I took a break from making skateboards to do some DIY projects, have a kid, and work on TV shows including Built to Shred where I got to design some really crazy and fun things…and now I get to do it again!

It’s an honor for me to bring back the one thing that is so important to the history of skateboarding and also a great example of American culture and ingenuity.  The first documented example I’ve seen of kids riding the classic skate crate is a photo dated 1910 from New York City.  I’m blown away that the roots of skateboarding date back over 100 years!

What is a Skate Crate?  It’s a retro-cool cruiser designed for fun and creative expression.  It’s for families and friends of all ages.  It’s for those of us who wouldn’t be caught dead on one of those folding metal scooters. A Skate Crate is easier to ride than a skateboard, it’s even a perfect vehicle for mom and dad to keep up with the kids while they ride their bikes or skateboards.  It’s also the one piece of sporting equipment that you’ll want to leave on display in your living room instead of stashing it in your garage!

1. The FLYING TIGER:  A vintage fruit crate label inspired graphic on a traditional squared box featuring side cuts and grooves on the sides for an authentic look.  Flying Tiger brand Blood Oranges!

2. The RACEWAY:  A classic racing inspired graphic on a traditional squared box featuring side cuts.  The checkered flag awaits you!   All Skate Crate graphics are applied with good old fashioned screen printing!

3. SIDEWALK SCREAMER: This is the black sheep of the Skate Crate family. This “Land Pirate” design is sure to make people tremble in fear.  It features an “aged” paint job with green trim and green dyed laminates in the handle bars.  

Unleash your creativity and skills and make a one-of-a-kind custom creation!

This one of-a-kind crate by Jeremy Wray is also avialable as a reward!This one of-a-kind crate by Jeremy Wray is also avialable as a reward!

4. D.I.Y. DESIGN:  For those who want to design their own graphics on a pre-built and pre-finished box.  Spray paint, paint brush, stencils, wood-burn, pinstripes, racing stripes, illustration….use your imagination! Blank front with hot branded Skate Crate logos on the sides of a traditional squared box. 

5. D.I.Y. BUILD:  For those who want to build their own box AND design their own graphics.    This kit comes completely unassembled and unfinished (5 panels pre-cut, pre-drilled and routed) and requires some basic tools and supplies to build it:  Hammer, nails, glue, sandpaper, stain or paint, screwdriver, wrench etc.  Bare wood gives you the opportunity to use wood stain or do a photo transfer.   Kit comes with everything you see in this picture. 

6. RACING STICKER KIT:  Easily decorate your DIY crate with a unique racing number (or even use on the sides of your Raceway crate!).   The kit features a 6.5” diameter Skate Crate logo circle and a sheet with numbers 0-9 and a few more Skate Crate logos.

We set out to make a modern version of the classic.  After building some replica crates with metal roller skates it was obvious why they tapered off in popularity (though they did have a good 50 + year run!).  The metal wheels are insanely loud and rough and the vintage fruit crates were rickety, splintery and quickly started falling apart.  We’ve fixed all of the shortcomings of the Skate Crates of yesteryear with our awesome design upgrades!

For a durable box we chose Baltic Birch plywood using “lock rabbet” joints for strength and then nailed and glued them for durability.  

Unlike the originals, we wanted the crates to easily detach/ reattach from the skateboard so with that in mind, we used clamping knobs and threaded inserts.

We wanted something stylish and unique for the handle bars so we custom laminated American maple with dyed veneer in the same manner that skateboards are manufactured.   Skate Crates feature a high quality lacquer finish on box, deck and handle bars.  

The natural wood decks are also made from American maple, the painted ones are made from Baltic Birch.   The decks are a little thicker and more stiff then traditional skateboard decks because of the added torque while the rider is pulling on the handle bars.

 Check out the front detail on the Sidewalk Screamer which features a wider 2 panel face that is angled to give it a pirate ship/coffin vibe!

With the box design you have enough room to stash your backpack, a 12-pack, groceries, your rock collection etc.  You can’t do that on one of those aluminum scooter things! There’s 4 stainless steel cargo hooks to use bungees or straps to secure your cargo.

For the Blockhead E-Z Rollers wheels, we wanted a classic shape that resembled an old clay or metal wheel.  They are available in silver “steelies” or orange “clay”.  They are a smooth riding 78a urethane and are 57mm tall.   We’ve chosen Tracker “mid track” Trucks, a solid great turning truck made in the USA since 1975.

We set out to make timeless designs on the crates and enlisted legendary skate artist Ben Horton and also Ron Cameron who inked most of the iconic Blockhead Skateboard graphics from 1986-1990.   For inspiration we’ve used vintage fruit crate labels, classic auto/motorcycle racing and club designs and even artwork from actual vintage “kid made” skate crates. 

Sizing: The height difference between Small and Large Crates is about four inches.   The small crate is recommended for riders 56” tall or under and then the large for riders taller than 57”. 

Sidewalk Screamer -  Small: 26.5” total height, 32” board.   Large 30.5” total height, 35.75” board.

Raceway, Flying Tiger and DIY crates- Small: 28” total height, 32” board.  Large 32” total height, 33.75” board.    Note:  After building a wider box for the Sidewalk Screamer prototypes we have also decided to make the boxes for the other models slightly wider than you see in the photos.

Additional Rewards:  Tee shirts - Flying Tiger,  SIdewalk Screamers, Raceway.  And for you Blockhead fans here’s two new designs that have never, ever been available!  “Just Another” by Dave Bergthold from 1986 and “Nothing is Cool (Party!)” a rework of Ron Cameron’s iconic design from 1988.  Also the “Nothing is Cool (Party!) deck or complete skateboard, a 7.5 x 33.75” kicktail cruiser (MFG. by PS Stix).

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Though the skate crate has a history that dates back over 100 years it was never a commercially sold product. This makes it a challenge to build a demand for a product that has never existed. It’s weakness can be a great strength since it is a completely untapped niche market for consumers looking for something different, creative and fun.

What is a Skate Crate? It’s a retro-cool cruiser designed for fun and creative expression.  It’s for families and friends of all ages.  It’s for those of us who wouldn’t be caught dead on one of those folding metal scooters. A Skate Crate is easier to ride than a skateboard, it’s even a perfect vehicle for mom and dad to keep up with the kids while they ride their bikes or skateboards.  It’s also the one piece of sporting equipment that you’ll want to leave on display in your living room instead of stashing it in your garage!

We set out to make a modern version of the classic.  After building some replica crates with metal roller skates it was obvious why they tapered off in popularity (though they did have a good 50 + year run!).  The metal wheels are insanely loud and rough and the vintage fruit crates were rickety, splintery and quickly started falling apart.  We’ve fixed all of the shortcomings of the Skate Crates of yesteryear with our awesome design upgrades!

For a durable box we chose Baltic Birch plywood using “lock rabbet” joints for strength and then nailed and glued them for durability.